Zmey 650 project 03320

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Description Zmey 650K project 03320 is a fast rescue boat  (RS-class, SOLAS) with diesel engine inboard with waterjet The hull is built of marine aluminium Up to 6 points - sea waves during rescue operations.  In the middle of the case there is a control panel with a windshield and a single-point suspension (quick-release hook) with a soft cushioning seat for the crew.  A single point suspension provides descent (lifting) to water on the move or "on foot" of a carrier vehicle.  In the stern of the hull is a U-shaped mast with an emergency recovery system on the keel with a single overturning.  The strength of the hull, small sediment and safe arrangement of the propulsion system make it possible to approach the shore line for delivery to personnel and cargo weighing up to 1000 kg on the unequipped shore.  The dinghy boat can be supplied complete with a launching device of various types (tilting, telescopic, crane-beam) or a marine crane-manipulator.  Project dock 03320 Trident Zmey 650 is delivered with the RMRS certificate.

- 3 modifications
- fast rescue boat
- work-boat
- life-boat

Boat parameters
  • Length overall
    6346 mm
  • Width overall
    2350 mm
  • High overall
    2423 mm
  • Deadrise
  • Draught
    400 mm
  • Passengers' capacity
    8 pers.
  • Engine
    (1 diesel inboard with waterjet) –300 HP
  • Fuel tank
    300 l
  • Maximum weight
    1800 kg
Model Zmey 650 project 03320 Base price On request
Total price On request

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